Chapter 2 - Page 12

24. May, 2015 in Chapter 2: Summer Rain
Chapter 2 - Page 12
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Author Notes:

MrElementron May 24, 2015
Sorry, but Virtrena will now return to updating on Sundays only again.
Oh yeah! Almost forgot, Virtrena has an official trailer now. It was delayed for a bit but here it is!


JohnnyV June 14, 2016
I know this is a late post, but I couldn't pass up mentioning that EXO reference. Very good K-Pop band.
MrElementron June 15, 2016
Glad you liked it, haha! I'm not really a K-Pop fan myself, but I just included that little reference because a friend informed me that there's already a boy band in Korea also called EXO lmao