Chapter 1 - Page 13

19. February, 2015 in Chapter 1: New Destiny
Chapter 1 - Page 13
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Author Notes:

MrElementron February 19, 2015
Again, posting this page DAYS earlier because of the upcoming exams. Only one more month left then I could work more on Virtrena.
Oh, and if you read the latest blog entry by the time of writing, I had to push this page's uploading a little late due to the file suddenly being corrupted and I have to do the whole page all over again. The number 13 really IS unlucky... Next page will follow the schedule again.


Eternal February 20, 2015
wow.... that kid is dark. I'm so happy there is a new page, I've been anxiously waiting! :)
defo18 May 30, 2015
I can feel his drive