Virtrena: Driftwood Preview

25. October, 2017 in Intermission Pages
Virtrena: Driftwood Preview
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Author Notes:

MrElementron October 25, 2017
Now here's something I've been meaning to announce here. I've already shown/announced this on my deviantArt.

Me and my friend have started working on this spinoff since early this year. Preview chapters have already been uploaded on deviantArt, but those are due to be polished for the final versions you will get to read here on ComicFury as well as on Tapastic/Tapas.

It will run alongside Virtrena, and will have some illustrations along the sides. Kind of like a light novel type of thing. Thing is that it won't be updated as frequently as VT, but it will definitely run alongside it. Hope you guys look forward to our work!

And so, instead of the usual fanart feature, I'm featuring instead the prologue to the webnovel. Enjoy!