Plans for now...

by MrElementron on October 13, 2014

Alright, folks. The prologue's already done. I guess I'll focus first on filling the Characters page with the first four characters that are going to be introduced at Chapter One. After that, I'm going to focus shortly on making some official art for Virtrena that I'll post at my deviantArt account (

See you guys soon! :D

Back on the games

by MrElementron on September 21, 2014

I finally managed to make a page using the new computer. I'll be on a roll next time. The following pages might come slowly because I'm trying to use the new computer properly. 
Let's just see what will happen in the future...

Following shortly after my previous blog entry...

by MrElementron on September 13, 2014
Looks like I may getting back on Virtrena earlier than I expected. Laptop's officialy dead, buuut mom allowed me to temporarily use her occassionally used laptop (with super duper ultra care) and start on scratch. So I guess that means Page 6 may actually take a while. On the bright side, since my father broke it, he felt guilty for some reason (which is surprising) and decided to take out our prehistoric desktop computer. He said he'll re-assemble and upgrade it to 'gamer-tier'. I don't know, that's what my father said.


by MrElementron on September 12, 2014
Sorry for the inconvenience, but my laptop is currently disabled and I'm unable to update at the moment. I'll get back to it as soon as possible and update you guys. I'm really sorry about this.

Schedule info

by MrElementron on September 6, 2014

I'll try to keep up with a weekend upload schedule. I'll upload on Saturday or Sunday, whichever will be available for me.
Except in some rare cases where inevitable shit might happen.

That's it for this week

by MrElementron on August 31, 2014

Arrite, that's it for now. Page 5 is still at 40%, but I need to rest for now, considering I made already about 4 pages at just one day. (I don't think I can even do that feat again).

'Till next time, folks.

Welcome to Virtrena

by MrElementron on August 23, 2014

Hello, reader.
I'm Mark Gundran, also known as MrElementron. I have a deviantArt account (which I rarely update) at:
To give you guys a little history about the creation of this webcomic, here it is:
Virtrena started out using many working titles (The Randomizers, Ompadius then Ompadium). It was supposed to be an animated series, but 12-year old me backed away.
Now that I can now finally bring Ompadium back to life (now as Virtrena), I made the story a little deeper than the previous versions. (Except for Ompadium, since I just revised its story a bit)
So, yeah. Pages are coming in after a while. See you then!

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