Possible Virtrena Reboot

16. July, 2022
Possible Virtrena Reboot
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Author Notes:

MrElementron July 16, 2022
So here's something I've been working on at the sidelines alongside Alchia, a full reboot of Virtrena. Title is still temporary.

Short version - I'm still debating whether or not to reboot the comic or continue where it left off before the hiatus. I may make a chapter in this new continuity then see if people like it enough. This is a proof of concept and an art style test in one.

Kinda long version - It's less of a different story but more of a polished second draft hoping to have earlier chapters be more consistent with the ideas in later chapters and arcs that I made up as those chapters were made instead of being there from the start. There's also plot holes or inconsistencies (due to me bringing in ideas late into the story as I mentioned before) that are gonna be considered and some characters will be replaced/merged. The themes that people mentioned in feedbacks that they liked will be overhauled and will be handled hopefully less "edgy" than it was, but still keep them or improve/expand more on them. In fact, a lot of the things I decided to keep or improve would be things that the readers I've talked to mentioned that they liked. It'll be like an adaptation of my own stuff as if me from eight years ago was a different person (to be fair, he was.)

Still, I'm not sure if I should continue with both choices (continue with the version I'm unhappy with, using late ideas, or redo the entire thing with improvements). This was the first major story I've made and being that I was a teen when it began and also my first time handling an entire story with worldbuilding (if you can call it that for here), there's a ton of stuff I'm not too proud of. There is a massive disconnect once I tried to "save" the story by adding a lot of stuff to "excuse" earlier chapters. What I am proud of, however, is the clear evolution of my art from Chapter 1 to 10 in the original run.

The comic was originally made for myself for the heck of it, and is very self referential to people I know, or people who know me, in real life. These days however, that doesn't really make for a good read if you're someone who doesn't know me personally ever, and I do still want to tackle some ideas I have planned for future chapters. It's a very amateurish attempt at a story, in all aspects, all things considered.

Right now, the plan is to overhaul, rework, and improve on the story's first half (which is one chapter away from wrapping up in the original run), then all of the things I have planned and how they would play out, would mostly be intact once this reboot catches up to where the original left off. In terms of the general gist of events, that is. All that will happen in the reboot's second half is more or less what was planned for the original, if that makes sense.

To the people who are caught up with this dumb comic of mine, what are your thoughts?